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A fabulous day of tasting and touring!

Clive looked after us so well on a super hot day. Clive adapted the trip to suite an older member of our group and chose vineyards that were varied and fascinating. My favourite was East Meon because of the setting, The Court House and garden. The hosts at all the vineyards were delightful: extremely informative and interesting and the 'champagne' was delicious.
I really recommend this small group activity and I'd do it again with more friends or family.

Date of experience: August 2020

Sparkling wine tour of Hampshire

Booked up a tour for four as a 50th birthday present for my wife in April and we eagerly awaited the tour for six months, Clive the tour guide was awesome with timely emails reminding us not long to go.

The day of the tour finally arrived and it was a stunning summers day, and Clive arrived on time and in his sparkling clean 4x4, he introduced himself and then we were off.

From the moment the last car door was closed and we were all seatbelted, Clive gave us lots of background information on the wineries and vineries that we we going to visit, this was very interesting and fun as none of us realised anything of the British sparkling wine scene.
We found all of the host at the vineries and wineries were all very interesting, factual, fun and friendly and the wines that we sampled really shocked a few of us at how much better the wine is than champagne.

We stopped of a our favourite gastro pub called The Shoe at Exton and sampled more wine that Clive paid for.

We didn't want the trip to end but alas the time had come for us to go our separate ways and Clive dropped us of at our home.

We all discussed the day around the table in the evening with some cheese and wine, we all had a fabulous day and would all highly recommend as a day out, make sure that you ask to visit East Meon and The Grange as they were our favourites of the day.

Date of experience: September 2019

Fantastic day touring vineyards!

We visited 4 vineyards in Hampshire. Clive did a brilliant job of planning, recommended a great place for lunch and was friendly and knowledgeable. All of us had an amazing time, I would absolutely recommend, and we would love to do it again!

Date of experience: August 2019

Hampshire Vineyard Tour

Brilliant personalised tour! Well worth the cost - would book again for a special day! Thanks Clive!

Date of experience: July 2019

Sparkling memories!

An amazing Birthday surprise gift from 3 wonderful friends. We were whisked away by Clive to Hambledon for a fascinating tour by Katrina who has so much knowledge and enthusiasm. We were then captivated by George and Clare with their East Meon BerryGarden. A picnic lunch accompanied by a bottle of Raimes was delicious.

Clive guided us around the Hampshire Downs to The Grange vineyards where Phillippe imparted the secrets of being a vine whisperer.
As the afternoon sleepily unfurled we weaved along the Test Valley to Cottonworth to sample the subtle delights of Cottonworth.
It was truly sparkling English day.

Clive is an excellent tour guide- an easy charm, great company and a safe driver!

Thank you.

Date of experience: July 2019

Brilliant day!

I was a little apprehensive before the day, having booked this as a gift for a friends birthday. I was worried that perhaps it may not have been worth the money that everyone had contributed. I couldn't have been more wrong!


Our tour started at Hambledon with a really interesting winery tour by a super-knowledgeable and lovely guide. We then went to visit George, with a 1 acre vineyard not open to the public, an experience that, without Clive, would never have been possible but which was brilliant.


Following that we met the vineyard manager at The Grange, who had a fantastic grower's knowledge and offered us different information than our previous visits. We finished at Cottonworth with an interesting tasting and fun conversation about wines from across Europe.

Our wines were all sparkling except one and the glasses for tasting were full size with very generous portions! We were asking for small pours by the end of the day!

Clive was great fun and knowledgeable. He was a very safe driver and we all felt relaxed in his company. He offered us an experience which we couldn't have had without him and I would recommend him to all.

Date of experience: July 2019

What a Fab Day

I was part of an 'older, sophisticated' Stag Party that spent the day on the Sparkling Wine your - absolutely fabulous.
Tour was excellent, Clive was the perfect host and we all had a great time.
I would certainly recommend it.

Date of experience: July 2019

Excellent day - educational and thirst quenching

A stellar day with a very civilised tour of prime local wineries producing some very high-quality English Sparking wine .... who knew we had such good quality on our doorstep? Clive was a super host; knowledgeable, and adaptive to the various situations. Very helpful, friendly and accommodating to our needs.

Well worth the day and the tour fee!

Date of experience: June 2019

Hampshire wine tours

I booked this as a surprise for my wife’s birthday and Clive was very accommodating with arrangements to keep the surprise.


We had a fantastic day all day and learnt so much from both Clive and the tours.


Great day out in wonderful surroundings, would recommend to anyone with an interest in English wine.

Date of experience: April 2019

A most enjoyable, relaxed and interesting day.

We contacted Hampshire Tours for a visit to five wineries in Hampshire and boy are we glad we did!


Clive made all the arrangements with the wineries, drove us around all day and also with great knowledge pointed out places of interest during the drive around the country.


He really made our most enjoyable day. We bought quite a few bottles of sparkling wine for a tasting next August at our house in Holland and he helped and advised us in every possible way.


If you - when exploring the wineries of Hampshire - want to get the most out of your day and have a company of maximum six people, look no further and contact Hampshire Wine Tours!

Date of experience: October 2018

An excellent tour

Clive's tour was interesting and enjoyable. There were three of us, two from Germany, one of whom is a real wine buff. He enjoyed it immensely. I knew very litte about wine growing or making before this tour but know a lot more now.


The wines we tasted were of excellent quality and the pub Clive took us for lunch is a one-off.


A fantastic experience all round and I would recommend it to anyone.

Date of experience: August 2018


English Sparkling Wine Tour

Me and my friends went on the Meon Valley English Sparkling Wine Tour in July and just had such an amazing Day!! I even learnt a thing or two ha! Who knew that not all Bubbly was called Champagne 😆🤦🏼‍♀️

Clive was the perfect Tour Guide. We started at Hambledon which was Breath taking. The vineyard is massive and so pretty. We the went to a lovely Pub for lunch on the river where we were treated to a glass of bubbly also!

After lunch we went to Hattingley and then Cottonworth. Clive drove us all around and we felt very VIP!!

We would all love to come back and do the tour again.

Favourite Sparkling Wine of the day for me was The red sparkling from Hattingley.

Date of experience: July 2018


An excellent tour and day!

Clive is a gem of a guy with tons of knowledge about English sparkling wine and extremely good contacts in the local winemaking community. He was eager to tailor our trip to our interest and did a spectacular job. The wine is great, the people are great, Clive is great.

We happen to be a pretty wine-obsessed and wine-dorky couple, so Clive found deeper and more-detailed producers for us who were are just flatly wonderful people, on top of being fascinating makers of delicious wines.

Much more than just a driver, Clive is knowledgable and would be certainly able to meet just about any level of wine fan on their plane of knowledge and interest. He also happens to be an interesting guy to have a conversation with. As a driver, he's safe and we never felt anything other than in great hands. He was also extremely helpful in us getting from London to the South Downs and added in fascinating history of the area, far beyond its winemaking industry.

If you're a wine fan of any sort and going to London, the South Downs or anywhere near, book a tour with Clive. You will have a great day that you won't soon forget.

Date of experience: July 2018


Fantastic Hampshire Sparkling Wine

Lovely day sampling beautiful English Sparkling wine and seeing our wonderful countryside not to mention the good company.


Highly recommended tour lots of interesting information and facts.

Date of experience: May 2018

Wine tour

A big thank you to Clive for the tour on Friday, six winery's / vineyards in 7 hours! 


The knowledge of the area and about the making of English wine that was passed on was incredible. Both my wife and I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get an insight to English wines with Hampshire Wine Tours

Date of experience: May 2018

Wonderful day

A small group of us took Clive's tour of Hampshire vineyards and had a really fun day - and I learned loads about how champagne and prosecco are made.

Clive was a great host - it was like having a good friend with us. And we had lots of laughs during the day. I found a pudding wine that I really like, and have tracked down locally. And the best thing was not having to worry about having a drink or two too many - we were deposited back pretty much on my door step. If you like wine, like learning a few new things about wine, and want a really fun time, this is your tour.

Date of experience: August 2017

Amazing wine tour in Hampshire


As a birthday treat, myself and four of my friends went on a winery tour with Hampshire Wine Tours. It was a great day out, fun and informative! We did a full tour at the first winery, learning all about how they make their award-winning sparking English wine from grape to the bottle, followed by a lovely lunch and then tastings at a couple of other vineyards.


The scenery in Hampshire is beautiful to drive through and the vineyards themselves are in lovely settings....and of course the highlight is the top-notch sparkling wines to taste (and take home...which I did)!

Date of experience: July 2017

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